These regulations apply to the third edition of the Via Maria Theresia Competition, that will be organised by Tasuleasa Social on the 25th of august 2018.

Characteristics of the competition

Via Maria Theresia Competition is an outdoor contest in the mountains. The route of the marathon (42 km) this year will have the starting point of the former sulfur mine in Suceava, being a race of medium difficulty. The half marathon track (21,097 km) and its difficulty level is moderate, for whoever is in good shape and wants to discover the Calimani Mountains. The hiking track an easy trekking trail ideal for families with children, for spectators and for beginners in outdoor sports and those who love to be active in nature. The hikers will be accompanied by guides on a well marked path with historical information about the area. The ultra marathon track requires experience with that kind of competition and will be approximately 80 km long with a total of about 5000 m climbing and overlaps and expands the marathon track.

The contest is open to those who have reached the age of 18 and are medically and physically fit to support the chosen kind of activity (ultra-marathon, marathon, half-marathon and triathlon). An exception may be made for juniors, enlisted at sport clubs, that have proven athletic qualities. They will need parental consent, a written and signed official entry form stating that the parents are aware of the conditions and rules in this competition and that they agree to the registration and participation of their child in this competition. The official entry form can be downloaded and printed before the competition, by every participant, then needs to be completed and handed in to the organizers when they pick up the competition kit, or completed on the spot, on the day of the competition before picking-up the kit.
Rules of registration
Registration is open from 02.04.2018 – 31.05.2018. You can register for VMT by filling in the online form, which you can find in the Registration section. All participants have to register and specify the category they want to participate to: ultra-marathon, marathon, half-marathon, triathlon, or guided hiking.
You will have 10 days to validate your registration, once you fill the registration form ( Validation will be done by paying the fee through Pay-Pal account or transferred to VMT account (
The amounts are:
– Half Marathon and Hiking fee is 65 RON account or 14 € card
– Marathon fee is 95 RON or 21 €
– Triathlon fee is 115 RON or 25 €
– Ultramaraton fee is 145 RON or 31 €
We have a limited number of places available!
Participants to ultra-marathon are expected to have at least one marathon experience before they arrive at Via-Maria-Theresia competition.
Starting package includes: racing number shirt, customized VMT map route, electronic timing, gel / energy bar.
Equipment needed: shoes trekking or running mountain-road (compulsory), Backpack or pouch (recommended), coat and pants rain shirt long sleeve (recommended), route maps and mobile phone functionality (required), trekking poles (recommended), a bottle of water (recommended), swimming cap sample triathlon headband / hat / cap (recommended), Start number (required, will be distributed by the organizers).
Required for ultra-marathon: Raincoat container at least 1 L water, torch and mobile phone front.
Along the way will be 7 checkpoints for refreshment, hydration, control, orientation (10 for the ultra-marathon).
Competition number must be attached to and necessarily must be visible throughout the competition. The timing will be done electronically and rankings will be available online in the coming days race. If two competitors reach the arrival at the same time, one will get the reward for the place X and the other to place x + 1. The technical meeting will take place on 24 August 2018. The start will take place on August 25, 2018 at 06:00 sample of ultra-marathon or 07:00 to 09:00 for the rest of the evidence (information that will be updated as soon as possible). The points of support will be marked and will be visible. Checkpoints must be taken in order of increasing their number.
If for some reason you want to unregister the race please notify it by email to contest (at) within 10 days, otherwise your registration will be cancelled.

Water will be offered at the Start, Finish and at the checkpoints. Provisional results will be available immediately after the race, the final ranking online after 24 hours. All participants that finish within the indicated times will receive a medal. A traditional meal after the competition will be available. Necessary equipment shoes for trekking or running, proper for rugged terrain (mandatory), backpack or fanny pack (recommended), proper clothes for rain conditions, long-sleeved shirt (mandatory), map of the route and functional mobile phone (mandatory), trekking poles (recommended), bent / hat / cap (recommended), race number (mandatory, will be distributed by the organizers). In case of bad weather, the recommended items become mandatory and the equipment will be checked before the start of the race. Before and during the race, reviews of the start list will take place.
We have a children’s race at this year’s edition, which is consisting of two samples, a distance of 1 km and 3 km. Children ages must be between 5-12 years. No participation fee will be required for children race! We have also organized games for children, slide, face painting, puppet theatre and pony riding. The children will receive food and drinks. Those who are interested can leave their children in the care of our volunteers, who are specially trained for this department, are required to send an e-mail to, where you need to specify the name and surname of the parent/tutor of the child, child’s age and as well you need to mention at which route from the contest you will participate as a parent / parents. This applies only for those which are going to participate to half-marathon and marathon!
Withdrawal from the race
The organisation may force a participant to stop racing if: they have injured themselves along the way they are incapable of continuing without potentially suffering physical damage the time limit is exceeded at checkpoints other special situations take place *Any participant who cannot or does not want to finish the race (regardless of the reason), must inform the organizers at the checkpoints or at the start/finish line. Participants can call the emergency numbers written on the map at any time during the race.
The organisation may disqualify a participant due to any but not limited to the following reasons: Abusive or insulting words or conduct towards other competitors, race officials, members of the audience or any other people; Incomplete equipment; Failing to obey competition rules; Missing a checkpoint; Alteration or exchange of race number; Any littering is absolutely prohibited, will be strictly monitored and may lead to immediate disqualification *The REGISTRATION fee will not be refunded in case of disqualification.

Modification of the race path/cancellation
The organizer Tasuleasa Social reserves the right to cancel or modify the schedule and/or race path of the VMT races if deemed necessary to protect the safety of the participants, volunteers and spectators in case of bad weather conditions (i.e. thunderstorm or lightning) or other exceptional situations. These conditions will be recognized as unforeseeable acts and the event can be cancelled on notice.

Any accident in which Via-Maria-Theresia Marathon competitors are involved, that occurs during the race due to the violation of the competition rules and/or laws will only be the responsibility of those involved in the accident. Participants are ultimately responsible for their own safety and the safety of others and the organizers do not take any responsibility for accidents that may take place. Medical assistance consists of two ambulances (one at the Start Line and the other at the Finish Line) and first-aid points located along the course. The organizers do not take responsibility for loss of forgotten items.

Photographing and filming
Participants and/or spectators may be photographed and/or filmed, during and after the race. By taking part in this event the competitors/spectators agree that all the media may be used by the organizers to promote the competition, the Calimani Mountains and Tasuleasa Social Association.

Before the start of the Via Maria Theresia Marathon, each competitor must fill in the Participation form (the liability waver) offered by the organizers on the spot or printed beforehand at home. To receive the 2018 VMT kit, competitors must give the organizers the filled out and signed form and show a legal Identification Document. By entering the race, all competitors agree with these competition rules.