About Tășu

Tasuleasa Social is a NGO situated at the border between Bistrita-Nasaud county and Suceava county, started by Alin Uhlmann Useriu in 2001. This year, on the 17th of August, Tashu celebrates 13 years of activity. In time, over 25.000 volunteers have joined in our environmental, cultural and social project.

For Tasuleasa Social, the most important values are volunteering, social responsibility, organizational culture and respect for nature, education, reciprocity and civic bravery development among youngsters through their implication in social and environmental issues.

In Romania, teens are faced with the fear of taking the initiative and with the belief that nothing can be changed, because nobody listens to them. Civic bravery means involvement in the problems they notice around them, trying to make a difference and finding a way to communicate.

We have taken on the challenge of changing the mentality of those around us and of proving that young people are eager to get involved in the solving of social problems. All the teenagers who have taken part in our projects were afterwards ready to develop similar actions on their own. Here, we teach about volunteering through countless practical examples. They learn how to plant saplings, they learn about the role of the trees and forests, about why it is necessary for the rivers to stay clean and about recycling. They are also taught about team-work and about coordinating, in turn, similar actions.

Volunteering is the contribution that every citizen has to make for society and for their own future, in order to be able to ask for something back. At Tasuleasa Social, the organizational culture is the mechanism through which the association functions: a NGO must have a vision, the capacity to organize itself and respect for the values it sets for itself.

The respect for nature means exploiting the natural resources considering the future. The Tasu team believes that we should think globally and act individually.

More details about Tasuleasa Social and its projects on www.tasuleasasocial.ro and Facebook Tasuleasa Social.