The START is from the former mining block (Colibita), Colbul Valley area, behind which the blue triangle mark is followed and runners will travel approximately 5 km to Bistriciorul Peak. The trail climbs emphasized enough on a forested foot, crossing several meadows and forests of spruce, reaching Rescue cottage. From here we continue to climb the slope quite emphasized and get to the crest, where we are focusing on the top left, reaching Bistriciorul Peak (1990 m). From Bistriciorul Peak participants will descend to Bistriciorul saddle seeing in front of them Stracior Peak (1963 m), where the ridge mark its noticed, which comes from Pietrosul Calimani (2100 m) and continue on the path leading to Peak Stracior. The trail continues to the northwest, arriving in a flatter, followed by a slightly climb towards the Peak Viisorul, where it continues to trail the red tape that leads in Poiana Dalbidan, where we are on the historical road Maria Theresia, followed by a descent to Poiana Terha and then a short climb of about 800 meters long until Peak Buba (1670 m). The track descends through spruce forest, towards Poiana Ciunga Vadanei (1406 m) and Poiana Prelucilor (1265 m). From here begins the ascent to the Peak Cornul (1502) which is not reached, the route entering on another curve. For the next 1.5 km we follow the gently descent through the forest to a clearing with a sheepfold. There is another slight descent and a short climb, leading to Canton Forest Tihuţa Colibiţa – FINISH the contest.
The half marathon trail is considered difficult because some rocky sections and the difference of level of about 1470 m cumulated.