VMT 2016


Via-Maria-Theresia Marathon, third edition 2016, is going to have five sports competitions:
The mountainbike sport competition is not going to be included this year.
The START for marathon, half-marathon, triatlon will take place in Colibita and the FINISH point will be at Canton Forest Tihuţa Colibiţa, in Piatra-Fintanele.
The START and the FINISH for ultra-marathon will be at Canton Forest Tihuţa Colibiţa, in Piatra-Fintanele.
Check INFO for details regarding the accomodation.
We look forward to seeing you on 13 august 2016.

VMT 2016

This year Via-Maria-Theresia competition is including a triathlon and a triathlon team sport competition, involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines: swimming in Colibita Lake, mountain biking through Colibita Lake surroundings and trail running on the historical Via-Maria-Theresia trail.
The distances for triathlon and triathlon team sport competition are going to be:
1. 1500 m swimming
2. 30 km mounting biking
3. 13 km trail running
The triathlon team is going to be formed of three members and each one of them will have to cover one stage.

In short time we will upload the map covering the paths and the rest of the information for each of the sports competitions.

VMT 2016


We are glad to announce you that the entries for Via Maria Theresia 2016 marathon are now open from 24 December 2015. Together with our official partner Raiffeisen Bank, we are organising the 3rd edition of VMT marathon 2016, which is going to have 5 sport competitions: semimarathon, marathon, ultramarathon, triathlon and trekking with the starting point set near Colibita Lake, Bistrita-Nasaud county, crossing a good length of the VMT historical track and having the finish point at Piatra-Fintanele.