VMT 2018

Marathon Via-Maria- Theresia 5.0

Dear athletes we want to bring to your attention some important aspects regarding your
participation at the competition Marathon Via-Maria- Theresia, the fifth edition, which will take place
on 25th August 2018. Therefore, the entries will be open from 2nd of April to 31st of May. You will
have 10 days to validate your registration, once you have completed the registration form
(https://via-maria- Validation will be done by
paying the fee through Pay-Pal account or transferred to VMT account (https://via-maria- 
The amounts are:
– Half Marathon and Hiking fee is 65 RON account or 14 € card
– Marathon fee is 95 RON or 21 €
– Triathlon fee is 115 RON or 25 €
– Ultramaraton fee is 145 RON or 31 €
Thank you!