General description

The half marathon trail is considered difficult because some rocky sections and the difference of level of about 2000 m cumulated.

Tășuleasa Social is located in Pasul Tihuța, which connects two large groups of mountains, Călimani and Rodnei, both national parks. For Tășuleasa Social, this natural setting is very important since many of our activities are held here, where the volunteers can better explain to the youngsters how the nature really works.

The Călimani Mountains represent the youngest mountain unit in our country. They are located in the North of the country, their surface covering 4 districts: Bistrița-Năsăud, Harghita, Mureș and Suceava. With their irresistible, pure and wild beauty, the Călimani are also filled with stories and legends. Over the centuries, they have remained the silent witnesses of history: here, the Dacians used to celebrate their dead, the outlaws used to hide and history was following its path on a road which stretches over the peaks of the mountains, from East to West and backwards.

This historical road, Via Maria Theresa was built hundreds of years ago, with the ulterior purpose of connecting two historical provinces. Initially, it was built for supplying the Austro-Hungarian frontier guards with food and ammunition. Since then, this road has not played any other important role, remaining almost untouched below the Călimani peaks.
Unfortunately, Via Maria Theresia was forgotten and few are those aware of its existence, even fewer knowing the story of this road.

From the Tășuleasa Social Campus, the Călimani Mountains can be spotted when the sky is clear, always watching over us. Now, we have decided to watch over them for a turn and this is how the Via Maria Theresia Project was born.

Tășuleasa wants to create here a thematic path, the longest of its kind in Romania and the only one promoting historical information. It will function as a permanent hiking, marathon, half-marathon and mountain-biking track.

A thematic path is both a way of practicing outdoor sports and a way of informal education, with emphasis on interpretation, communication and information in an interactive manner. The creation of a path of this kind in Călimani mountains is a chance for us all to better understand our past (our history) and our future (the natural setting and the forests), and therefore be able to better protect them.