How to get there

Colibita Village is part of Bistrita Bargaului village. To get here coming from Bistrita you have to turn right in Prundul Bargaului, toward Lake Colibita. Road distance between Bistrita and Colibita is approximately 50 kilometers and about 7 km from the Bistrita Bargaului village, which you pass through to get to Colibita. There is also an alternative road (Blaju), which links Muresenii Bargaului to Colibita.
Piatra Fantanele is located in Bistrita-Nasaud district, at the border between Bistrita-Nasaud county and Suceava county, 44 km from Bistrita when going to Vatra Dornei.
From Bucharest – Brasov – Sighisoara – Tg. Mures – Reghin – Bistrita – DN17 – Piatra Fantanele;
From Cluj – Gherla – Dej – Beclean – Bistrita – DN17 – Piatra Fantanele;