The "Tăşuleasa Social" Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) collects personal data of the users through the web site for the purpose of enrolling the persons at Marathon Via Maria Theresia and facilitating the use of the services provided by the Association. Registration is done via the online platform You can also find more information in the Terms and Conditions section.

In accordance with the law no. 190 of 18 July 2018 on the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data; and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC, which guarantees the protection of the rights of individuals to intimate, family and private life, the Association has the obligation to collect and manage the personal data provided by the users when enrolling as a marathon participant on www.via only for the purposes specified in this document.

Participants have the right to interfere with the personal data provided to the Association, thereby understanding the right of the participant to oppose the processing of personal data by the Association and the right to request the deletion of all user information in the association's database.

Collected information

When completing the registration form as a participant on the Association and platform, the user will be asked for personal data such as: the category to which he / she participates, name, surname, sex, address, city, country, shirt size, e-mail address and phone number.
From these data, only names, surnames, sex, category and city will be made public for the purpose of identifying and locating the person to serve to facilitate communication with other users of the Association's web site and marathon organizers.

Collection and use of personal data

The Association collects the user's personal information only for the administration of the participants databases and for the improvement of the quality of the marathon services organized by the Association.
Registration as a participant on the Association's website and thereby the provision of personal data attest to the user's implicit consent to the collection and use of personal data by the Association.

Access to data

Access to personal data provided by users is limited to Association employees and marathon organizers specifically designated for the collection and management of such data. Association employees and marathon organizers will respect the confidentiality of all user personal data they come into contact with.

Disclosure and transmission of information

The Association will not rent, sell or transmit personal information of users to other persons or other companies not affiliated to the Association. The association may provide such information to partner or affiliated companies with which it has concluded confidentiality contracts. These companies may use the personal data of the users provided by the Association only for the purposes and campaigns initiated by the Association, to which these companies are partners or sponsors, but have no right to retransmit or supply them to other entities or persons.
The association will disclose personal data to its users only under the following conditions:

  • with the express consent of the user
  • where the disclosure of such data prevents an offense or national security is protected;
  • protect the safety of the person or public safety;
  • a legal provision or a public authority requires it;
  • the rights and interests of the Association must be protected

Links to other web sites

The Web site of the Association may include links or references to the websites of other entities, partners or collaborators of the Association.
Personal data disclosed by users of the Association's site on such web sites are not protected by the Association, and the protection of such information is subject to the privacy policy of that Web site.


Cookies are small files that the browser places on the user's hard drive in order to facilitate browsing on the Association's website.
These cookies are used to store user names, passwords and preferences, to track site traffic, and to customize pages according to the visitor.
Users can reject cookies if they do not want to place them on the hard drive.

Unsolicited messages

The association will not use personal user data to send unsolicited messages to its members' addresses.
The association will respect each user's option by providing information on the activities of the Association only to those users who have expressed their willingness to send messages / emails from the Association.

Child usage of the website

The Web site of the Association can also be viewed and used by minors. If children do not wish to use the information on the Association's website, parents or guardians may send a request message to the Association's employees, specifying the prohibition of access to the Association's web site for that minor user.

Modifying and deleting data

Users have the possibility to modify the personal data provided at the time of signing up on the Association's website.
Users can also at any time ask the Association to delete their registration form, withdrawing from participating in the competition.

Changing the Privacy Policy

The Association reserves the right to make changes or updates to the Privacy Policy at any time.
Major changes to the provisions of this Privacy Policy will be made available to the participants through an announcement made on the main pages of the site.
The continued use of the web site by marathon participants will be their agreement to the changes made.