The start is from the former mining block (Colibita), Colbul Valley area. From here the athletes are following the trail towards Taul Zanelor, on the touristic path towards Bistricior's valley. After climbing the Bistricior Peak, the ridge marking intersects red band, accompanied of course by the competition-specific markings, and these markings will be followed in the direction of Strunior Peak.

The trail enters the shade of the spruce forest, with a relatively short ascent, but on a more rugged terrain, then continuing on the smooth trail towards Poiana Piciorul Ilei. After about 1.5 km you reach Poiana Strunior (1,650 m), and after crossing the meadow you re-enter the spruce forest. For the next 4 km, the track does not show significant level differences, the trail is relatively flat. The trail reaches to the top of the Dălbidan glade, to which it descends. The downhill then continues to Poiana Terha, followed by a short climb of about 800 meters long until Peak Buba (1,670 m). The trail descends through spruce forest, towards Poiana Ciunga Vadanei (1,406 m) and Poiana Prelucilor (1,265 m). From here it begins the ascent to the Peak Cornului (1,502) which it is not reached; the trail enters on another contour line. For the next 1.5 km the athletes are following a gentle descent through the forest to an opening with a sheepfold. There is another slight descent and a short climb, leading to Canton Forest Tihuţa Colibiţa – the finish line of the contest.

Start - P01: 6.1 km
P01 - P02: 4.9 km (11 km)
P02 - P03: 5.8 km (16.8 km)
P03 - P04: 7.5 km (24.3 km)
P04 - P05: 4.2 km (28.5 km)
P05 - P06: 7 km (35.5 km)
P06- Finish: 5.3 km (40.8 km)

Every control point has food and water. It’s mandatory to pass every control point. Any shortcut brings disqualification. Make sure that after registration you download, complete and bring with you the participant declaration.