Project description

Via Maria Theresia is a historical road, located in the Calimani Mountains. It was built with the purpose of supplying the Austro-Hungarian frontier guards with food and ammunition, hundreds of years ago.

Nowadays, the Maria Theresia road is over-lapping with a poorly signaled, therefore rarely circulated touristic route. The few hikers who do wander on it completely ignore the fact that this path, which now connects Bistrita-Nasaud county to Suceava county, used to connect Transilvania to Bucovina.

The beauty of the landscape in Calimani adds to the historical value of the road. To keep this value from diminishing, Tasuleasa Social is restoring and signaling Via Maria Theresia, by turning it into a thematic path. At the same time, we are trying to raise cultural and historical awareness through informative panels which will tell the centuries-old story of those who have built and walked this road. The panels will also present a set of rules concerning the protection of nature.

The road which stretches on a 42.195 km distance will serve as an ideal marathon, mountain-biking and hiking track, open at all times. The specially created halting places, signaled hydration points and informative panels will allow each and every tourist to enjoy the trip while also receiving detailed information without needing a guide.

This project is a new move in Tasuleasa’s fight against massive deforestation, a constant problem in our society. The purpose of the Maria Theresia Road and Marathon is to encourage a proactive behavior and to make the mountains and forests more frequented by tourists and athletes, thus causing the illegal deforestation rate to decrease.