The Ultra Marathonists will start from the Tihuta-Colibita forestry range at the Ardeal entrance to the Via Maria Theresia Trail. The track will be about 80km long and has a total ascent of about 5000m and makes for a circular track starting and ending at the same spot. The participants will follow the Via Maria Theresia markings for about 12km, mostly climbing, till the Dalbidan clearing where they will start following the ultra marathon specific markings which will take them towards Colibita lace. From here a new ascent onto the Bistricior and Strunior peaks. The following part of the ultra marathon trail will lead them back to the Via Maria Theresia trail close to the Arsuri clearing. The ultra maprathonists rejoin the historical trail which continues on the contour line till close to the monument of Heroes of Grui. From here they will climb through Coada Pietrosul towards the highest peak of the Calimani mountains – Pietrosul Calimani peak, at a height of 2100m. The trail continues on the crest to cross the Negoiu Unguresc peak (2088m) and descends steeply to Saua Negoiu (1650m) where it rejoins the Via Maria Theresia trail on the contour line, this time under the Pietrosul peak. From Saua Negoiu the ultra marathon trail returns towards the Tihuta Colibita forestry range on the historical trail, marked every 100m. For the following 35km the trail is similar to that of the marathon, whose description you can find here: www.via-maria-theresia.ro/competitie/maraton/?lang=en