General description

The triathlon competition will be held as follows:
-The first test is the test of swimming in Lake Colibita, departing from neighborhood of Pensiunea Arinis and arriving to Cabana Schreiner. The test will be 1,500 m long swiming in Lake Colibita in two parts with an angle of ~100 degrees.
-The second test is the test of mountain biking, departing from Cabana Schreiner, continuing in the road towards Colibita dam, crossing the dam and then continuing the ascent of the southern part of the lake, following Slatinita Forest Road to the intersection with Forest Road Panulet. The riders will continue on the right road that climbs to the intersection with Forest Road Taul Zanelor and follow the road until the intersection with ultramarathon trail which takes them to Poiana Prislop.
-The third test, the running test with the starting point in Poiana Prislop, participants will follow the track quite emphasized throught spruce forest for about 2 km up to Poiana Dalbidan, where we are on the historical road Maria Theresia, followed by a descent to Poiana Terha and then a short climb of about 800 meters long until Peak Buba (1670 m). The track descends through spruce forest, towards Poiana Ciunga Vadanei (1406 m) and Poiana Prelucilor (1265 m). From here begins the ascent to the Peak Cornul (1502) which is not reached, the route entering on another curve. For the next 1.5 km we follow the gently descent through the forest to a clearing with a sheepfold. There is another slight descent and a short climb, leading to Canton Forest Tihuţa Colibiţa – FINISH the contest.