The marathon starting point is from the former mine sulfur. The route starts with a climb rendered about 400 meters difference in level position following the winding road marked with blue triangle, the forest secular living in intimate admixture species of spruce and Zambru (pinus cembra), to limit the scientific reserve “Jnepeişul with Pinus Cembra “. Out in alpine trail turns right, leaving the top left corner of Reţitiş stretched and reaches Saua Nicovala (1934 m) – the highest point of the route. Hence kept straight line, bypassing the curve of the tip of the Vârful Pietricelului (1993 m), intersecting briefly main road Trans-Călimani until the dump Ilva, from which starts a short descent to the Șaua Negoiu (1705 m) . From here, on clear days can be seen in the distance the mountains of Fagaras and Bucegi. Basically, at this point, the road route overlaps Maria Theresa path. It continues the contour of the ridge Negoiului Hungarian and Pietrosului with a short descent in Glade Monor, from which follows a rise accentuated to the peak Foot Monor, where it goes down again on the difficult ground to Poiana Izvoare (1723 m). Follow ascent widened to a place called ” La Troiță “. From this point the route becomes easier and continuing the contour of the tail Pietrosului reaching Monument from Grui (about 1800 m). On the same level curve, all located about 1,800 meters goes under Ciungetu peaks (Skull) and Ruştior, where we can admire the horizon 12 Apostles. From here down smoothly over a distance of more than 2 kilometers to the beautiful clearing Poiana Arsuri (1673 m). The route enters the shade of spruce forest, climb through a relatively short but bumpy field, then continue on the path smoother contours, to Poiana Ilei foot. Returning soon as the level curve through the spruce forest, under Stracior tip. After approximately 1.5 km you reach Strunior Glade (1650 m) and is re-enters the clearing after passing through the spruce forest, on the same curve. Over the next 4 km trail sign no significant differences in level, the land is relatively flat. Route is above the clearing Dălbidan, to which descends. The descent then continues to Poiana Treha, followed by a short ascent of about 800 meters in length up to the top of Buba (1670 m). The spruce forest then descends into two groves Poiana Ciunga Vădanei (1406 m) and Poiana Prelucilor (1265 m). Here starts the ascent to the top of Cornului (1502), which does not touch, the route entered on another curve. On the next 1.5 km is lowered slightly by the forest, a clearing up of a fold. There is another slight descent and a short climb, leading to Canton Tihuta Colibiţa Forest (near the village of Piatra Fantanele) – finish line of the competition.